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Vacanza Ben-Essere

Vacanza Ben-Essere


Rimini and its millennial history.
The city of Rimini was founded in 268 B.C. and traces of its ancient culture can still be seen.
Great monuments testify to its grandeur and importance, such as the
Malatesta Temple
commissioned by Sigismondo Malatesta, lord of Rimini, and built by Leon Battista Alberti. This authentic Renaissance gem contains great works by the painters Agostino Di Duccio and Matteo De Pasti. Something really worth seeing is the Giotto’s crucifix kept in the apse of the Temple.
Malatesta Temple
Castel Sismondo Castel Sismondo
this fortress was built by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, lord of Rimini. Over the centuries it has been remodelled a number of times, but it still conveys the same feeling of strength and grandeur. The coat of arms, which can be seen on the outside, depicts the symbols of the family: the elephant, the Malatesta rose and the chessboard.

Extremely important monuments from the Roman period can be seen, such as:
The Arch of Augustus
erected in 27 B.C. in honour of Caesar Octavius Augustus. Built of Istrian stone, it was the city gate and also marked the end of the consular road Via Flaminia.
The Arch of Augustus
The Tiberius Bridge The Tiberius Bridge
uilt with 5 spans, it provides proof of Roman engineering ability. Dating from 21 A.D., the bridge marks the starting point of two consular roads, the Via Emilia and the Via Popilia.
The Surgeon's House
is in an archaeological site in the centre of the town where an imperial era house, which overlooked the sea at that time, was discovered. The domus is known as the “surgeon’s house” because finds of inestimable value and importance were unearthed during the excavations such as the exquisite mosaics, furnishings and equipment including surgical instruments. It is a truly unique find.
The Surgeon's House