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From Calabria, Romagna, and in wrath

All of the products of our dishes arriving daily from thefarmer, which supplies our kitchens every week. Today it says 0 km. In reality, few miles some of our kitchen make them, especially the products that come from our lands in Calabria, cared for and harvested with love from our friends the farmers. With these products, the calabrian organize dishes for parties and theme nights Calabria.

Not only that! We organize at least once a week for tastings of typical products of romagna: piadina, cassoni, and the donut of the place prepared directly by us and Sangiovese wine.

Six dishes of your choice, every day

Lunch and dinner in our air-conditioned restaurant, we offer traditional dishes of romagna and mediterranean cuisine with a choice of three different menus of meat and three menus, fish every day, including a dish of Well-Being. A rich buffet of vegetables as an appetizer and side dish accompanies all the meals, both dinner and lunch.

Every day, the sweet and fruit are served at the conclusion of meals. The homemade desserts will delight the palate of the most greedy. Each week, held on the feast of brioche ice cream, thanks to the excellent chef of the Hotel Edy.

Stand with the right foot and with a good cup of coffee

We are very keen on the breakfast, and it is for this reason that we devote to the buffet breakfast in the morning. The breakfast is held in the ground floor dining room from 7.15 to 10. Every day we offer: croissants, pastries, tarts, doughnuts, plum cake and home-made biscuits, sliced cold meats, loaf bread production from local bakery, cereals, corn flakes, puffed rice, fresh yogurt, fruit in syrup cookies for the intolerant, jams biological own production and certified, fruit juices, fruit juice organic oranges of own production, organic honey, chocolate spread, honey, pudding, hot drinks including coffee, barley coffee, milk, chocolate, juice the biological bergamot, tea, chamomile and herbal teas.

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