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Vacanza Ben-Essere

Vacanza Ben-Essere

I sapori della tradizione

Romagna and the magic of its rich culinary traditions.
At Hotel Edy, which has always given importance to tradition and promotion of products from the nearby area, you can not only find local products but also taste them at mealtimes.

Olive oil
You can find this delicacy on your table and buy it for yourself or as a gift for your friends; the extra-virgin olive oil from the hills of Rimini has won many important prizes. Also available: olive oil with lemon obtained by pressing untreated lemons and olive oil with hot pepper or aromatic herbs.
All these oil products are obtained by cold-pressing and stone crushing.

To help you get acquainted with the area we have included some organic CDO wines from our inland regions, from Sangiovese to Trebbiano.

With all these choice products could we leave out one of the best, the salt of Cervia?
A condiment used for centuries to flavour dishes, this rare natural whole salt from the ancient salt pans of Cervia, which the salt workers still call “Salt of the Pope”, owes its fame to the centuries-old tradition of donating it to the table of the Popes thus making it not only a symbol of ancient history but also of modern gastronomic tradition because it maintains intact all the trace elements to be found in sea water.

Herbal teas
If you want all the beneficial effects of nature, we have a small selection of herbal teas so that you can get a taste of Wellbeing and benefit from the many valuable virtues of herbs and flowers.

“0 KM” suppliers
Some of our suppliers are local producers and in choosing them we have also chosen the experience of past ages, together with respect for the environment and country traditions.
Let’s take a look together at our friends, whose work adds cheer to the table.

Every week our guests can enjoy an evening meal typical of Romagna.

Ancient traditions... for your palate