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Vacanza Ben-Essere

Vacanza Ben-Essere

La credenza del ben-essere

At Hotel Edy you can find not only olive oils, wines, honey and salt from Cervia but also a line of natural products that are just right for you, your skin, body care and face care at various times during the day.
Moisturizing face cream with Sangiovese
Anti-wrinkle cream with Sangiovese
Moisturizing body cream with olive oil
After-sun lotion with olive oil
Natural soaps with carrot, lettuce, lemon, etc.
These products contain the energy of natural ingredients, such as the polyphenols of Sangiovese red wine, to remove the stress producing agents due to pollution and solar radiation.
Extra virgin olive oil makes your skin soft, elastic and smooth.
On our shelves you can also find some simple but fascinating books on the various ways of understanding wellbeing to guide us by hand towards new dietary and health horizons.
Just take a look... they are waiting to be read by guests like you.

Let nature itself gently pamper you... your body will speak for you.