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Rooms designed for families

Families with children are available to them, in the rooms of the Hotel Edy, camping cots, beds with sides fall to spend known and sleeps in the afternoon in safety.

Also, for those who make the request of the family rooms, by specifying to have one or more children, are reserved for the larger rooms with a lot of night light security to feel at ease in an environment that is not immediately familiar, and find, even in the darkness, the faces of mom and dad.

For lunch and dinner, to sit as the great

In the restaurant of the Hotel Edy, have been specially designed for children, the chairs are the most comfortable for the little guests. High chairs and booster seats and table are arranged together with the dishes and placemats cheerful and colorful. Glass and cutlery are also suitable for the age of the children, a little pointed, and with dishes especially designed for the safety of children, in addition to being colorful and playful. The families staying in the Hotel Edy, have the ability to have a flexible schedule for the preparation of the meals small and personalized menu , in agreement with the parents.

On-demand services, the best of the best

In addition to the services that are offered to all children and their families, there are many other services offered on request only, which can make all the difference for those who decide to stay at the Hotel Edy for one or more weeks of vacation. For example, you can use the stroller for free (subject to availability), radios, intercom and baby bath. Also, for your spare time, offer to all the children there is a mini library for little readers, or the stories of good night, and the mini library, a common room for those who love to watch cartoons at any time.

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