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What does it mean Ben-Essere

The Hotel Edy has joined the project a Holiday of Ben-Essere, to offer all guests the pleasant experience. Your holiday at the Hotel Edy is an experience that tickles the mind and the body.

The sea, the sun and the many local products, from oil to vegetables and fruit on a seasonal basis, are a pleasant caress, where the variety, harmony of flavours and balance us back to the taste of living with pleasure the food that is prepared following the tradition of romagna.

Your home during your holiday in Rimini

Ben-Essere for the mind

Also our minds need to be pampered, so the culture of the area where the art, the craft, the fun and all that pleasant you can find in Rimini can hold you in a warm embrace. Our idea of a Holiday Ben-Essere, is born to offer a mix of sensations:

  • live in a welcoming and hospitable environment;
  • consider our guests as unique individuals to be pampered;
  • propose that, for those who want a holiday not only sea, but also giving information on events, visits to cultural and natural places of entertainment.

Ben-Essere at the table

In the choices between rst and second, each day, there is always a dish of Ben-Essere, that is, a dish prepared with a choice of organic products, balanced in seasoning and in cooking innovative to keep intact the nutrients of food.

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