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Not only the beach, well-being in the garden

The Hotel Edy offers its guests a beautiful garden where, protected from the heat of the sun and pampered by the plants and flowers, you can converse, enjoy a coffee or a drink.

The garden is a point of strength that we like to show and make known to all the guests before you even stay in a Hotel, because it gives well-being and harmony, giving positive energy in the morning and allowing relaxation and good dreams in the evening.

Games and chat in the middle of the flowers

Children can play here in the hottest hours. The fenced garden of the House, Edy's also makes it in the afternoon, a place welcoming and safe. Here the youngest guests can take shelter behind the trees and the flowers and play in safety , sheltered from the rays of the sun and from the car of the road.

In the evening, however, with a good book and a cocktail of fruit, you can enjoy a few hours of well deserved rest, after a day at the beach including sunscreen, diving and sunshine.

Blessed are the early birds: coffee, croissants and newspaper

One of the services that we offer to all guests of the Hotel Edy is to provide every morning, the Hotel of new newspapers , fresh print. Our favorite corner, where you can drink good coffee and read the newspapers, is without a doubt the garden is full of colors and smells, especially early in the morning.

By 7.15 the breakfast room the aprand to all the guests, the best time this to take advantage of the garden and keep the smell of warm croissants and the smell of the newspaper just printed it all for itself, at least for a while.

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