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Rimini is the city of entertainment par excellence, but not only. The fun is assured by the versatility of the city that offers entertainment for all ages, then there are exhibitions and museums, restaurants and many events.

The centre of the city

The centre of Rimini, is very evocative and alive in all periods of the year, thanks to the numerous monuments, shops, services, restaurants and businesses.


Under the papal government, in 1843, was officially inaugurated in Rimini the first bathing establishment of what is later to become the Riviera of Romagna, a curiosity that not everyone knows, even the people of rimini.

A bit of history

From the amphitheatre the place of the Festivals music, summer, the Arch of Augustus, the Tiberius Bridge up to the malatesta temple, Rimini hotel enjoys a prestigious history of which keeps intact the signs. The city of Rimini has an ancient heart and a tour in the historical centre can reveal.


One of the meeting facilities of the most advanced in Europe, among the largest in Italy. Located in the heart of the city centre, has a modern architecture and prestige that welcomes events.

The dancing

The riviera romagnola is known for its high life, the night clubs in the summer and winter enliven the nights of thousands of young people with proposals are always on-trend, exclusive locations and unique.

Food and wine

Restaurants, trattorias, taverns and kiosks along the coast and in the hinterland are the perfect places in which to savour the typical flavors of tradition. For the fans, do not miss the wine road.


The Thermal Center of Rimini, offering services of Spa and Physiotherapy, Wellness and SPA, Prevention and Health. The terme di Rimini are affiliated with the main districts of the Italian national health service, a route not to be missed.

Fellini in Rimini

The Grand hotel celebrated in the film Amarcord, but also the cinema Fulgor in the Course of August, the village of San Giuliano by the colorful murals that tell the story of Fellini and his films, up to the beach view of I Vitelloni. Fellini is everywhere.

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