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Get in the car, we do the rest

The most convenient way ever to reach us, is without a doubt with the car. Once we arrived and parked in the free spots in front of the Hotel Edy, or in a fenced-in parking area just 100 metres from the Hotel, you never have to use it, guaranteed!

Unless you want to do some excursion in the hinterland of Romagna, the Hotel Edy is located 260 metres (yes, we counted) from the beach of Rimini and only a few minutes walk from the historic centre. We also provide several bicycles for discovering Rimini, moving in complete autonomy and without stress.

Children super pampered, just as you would

An eye, or rather two! Our little guests for us are important, and to them we dedicate many of our care and our services. We believe that when children are calm and feel loved, is affected in a positive way also the whole family and the holiday proceeds in the right direction.

So, we provide our guests with a mini library and a baby video library to entertain the children who love to read and those who prefer watching cartoons after lunch or before nap.

In addition, this year will be the entertainment at the hotel a couple of times a week during dinner, so as to enable all children to have fun during and after eating, and parents to have dinner in peace. Animation and baby club are also on the beach, for a fun to 360 degrees throughout the day.

To see the mail, but then enjoy the holiday

The wifi service that we offer to all guests of the Hotel Edy is designed for those who although on holiday can't disconnect completely from work. In public areas and in the garden, the internet connection is present, and is also present in all rooms. You can share with your friends, and your loved ones the most beautiful photos of your holiday in Rimini.

Small tricks, great comfort

We thought of the little things that make the holiday great. The rest is not always big changes are needed to notice results, sometimes you just have to start from small things, such as a solarium to take the sun also in the hotel or a mini fridge in the room on request. The elevator goes to all floors in the Hotel Edy, thus facilitating the transport of suitcases and games room. The small pets we are welcome and for those who want to pay with credit cards and debit cards is welcome.

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